Ignatius of Loyola

The Society of Jesus, a Christian Religious order founded by
St. Ignatius of
Loyola in 1540 has been active in the field of education throughout the world... More+


Funday of the month - July 2015
Fun Day in July came in a variety of colours: bright blue, cool green, fiery red, warm orange and sun yellow. The smallest in the Josephite family – the kindergartners – were dressed... More+

Annual Speech Day and Prize Distribution - 2015
Saturday, the eleventh of July, 2015, brought about an aura of joy and excitement, hope and blessing....the occasion... The Annual Speech Day and Prize Distribution of... More+

CLC Outreach Programme
The CLC- Christian Life Community had the privilege of organizing an outreach programme on the 4th of July to Asha Niketan and Mt. St. Joseph.
The day started at 8:30 am in the school chapel. More+

Centenary Shield Fr.Eric Vaz Inter School Hockey Tournament
The much awaited prestigious hockey tournaments commenced on July 1st and ended on July 8th 2015. A total of 4 teams participated in both ... More+
Annual Primary Speech Day & Prize Distribution
The ambiance was self explanatory….flowers in abundance, flood lights trained on centre stage, parents and grandparents filling the seats in the auditorium ... More+

Inauguration of the CLC
The Christian Life Community was inaugurated on June 19th 2015. The sole purpose of the programme is to encourage the catholic students to grow in deeper knowledge and apperception of their faith, and extend their help to others through various outreach programmes ... More+

Fun Day Of The Month - June
The Kindergarten Josephites kick-started the academic year 2015-16 with a warm and healthy smile. As the saying truly goes, “a smile is the ... More+

The SJBHS campus was a Buzz with activities with the advent of the OBA BUZZ 2015. This annual inter-house school event is conducted by the 97 ... More+

PTA Annual General Body Meeting
The universal truth is ‘dynamism in the cosmos’ and so it is at SJBHS. Each year gives way to the next and so does each PTA AGM. The Parents – Teachers – guardians... More+

Inter-Religious Prayer Service
The spirit of holiness embodied with the solemnity of a prayer to the Almighty, showers happiness on the most pious yards of our life. The divinity of belief... More+

LKG orientation 2015
The Orientation programme for the academic year 2015-2016, for parents of LKG & UKG students was held on 4th June 2015 in the School auditorium. More+

World Environment Day - 2015
Nature-a serene beauty, a forgiving entity and a loving mother-is much celebrated for her generosity in bestowing bountiful... More+

Staff orientation
The Orientation for the Teaching Faculty of SJBHS was held on the 28th and 29th of May, 2015. It was conducted by Mr. Stephen Chinnaswamy. He began with an... More+
Principal's Day
A celebration ‘Of’ the students, ‘By’ the students ‘For’ the leader of the Institution! The special Assembly was indeed an occasion for ... More+

Outreach programme
St.Joseph’s Boys’ High School observed the annual prayer service on Friday, the 20th of February, with a whole hearted desire to praise the lord for all that...More+

Thanksgiving Prayer Service
St.Joseph’s Boys’ High School observed the annual prayer service on Friday, the 20th of February, with a whole hearted desire to praise the lord for all that...More+

Investiture Ceremony 2015 - 2016
On Monday, the 2nd of February 2015 the formal, traditional and impressive Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2015 - 2016 took place at the morning assembly...More+

Primary School Annual Day 2015
The stage was set…..the large LED screens were in place….. the crowd milling around the SJBHS grounds falling into place, giving way to a sea of heads ... More+

Pre - Primary Annual Day 2015
The St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School (SJBHS) ground is capable of multiple makeovers…..from being the playing ‘arena’ on a normal school day ... More+

Graduation Day 2015
On the evening of 23rd January 2015, St Joseph's Boys’ High school presented a warm and impressive Graduation Ceremony bidding adieu ... More+